Cruise Ship Jobs

Cruise ships offer a number of different types of cruise ship jobs for individuals with different types of skills. Whether you want a job as a waiter, bartender, chef, entertainer or as a crew member, there is a job for you on a cruise ship.

Cruise Ship Jobs

Cruise Ship Jobs

The one common characteristic of cruise ships jobs is that you have to work long hours. Another characteristic shared by cruise ship jobs is that they require good customer and people skills. When you have to interact with hundreds to thousands of customers over the course of a cruise, you cannot afford to not have good people skills. The result of working longer hours and better skills is seen in the salaries of cruise ship jobs – most of them higher salaries than comparable jobs on land. The following are some of the different types of cruise ship jobs:

• Deck and Engineering Jobs
These personnel are responsible for the smooth running of the ship. Some of the jobs available in the Deck Department are: captain, staff captain, first officer, second officer, third officer, seamen, bosun, safety officer, security officer and security personnel. The Engine Department has jobs such as chief engineer, first, second and third engineers, chief electrician, fitter, wiper, plumber and motorman.

• Entertainment Jobs
The role of these jobs is to entertain the passengers. Musicians, dancers, singers, swimming instructors, disc jockeys and musical bands are some of the cruise ship jobs in the entertainment field.

• Service Jobs
A cruise ship has a lot of personnel whose role it is to manage the restaurants, bars, retail stores, and other facilities on the ship. These jobs are most in demand because they do not require specialist skills such as entertainment jobs.

• Personal Care Jobs
The role of these jobs is the personal well-being of the passengers, and includes jobs such as masseuse, medical services including doctors and nurses, beauty and fitness.

Salaries for cruise ships jobs are somewhat higher than corresponding jobs on land. In a survey of cruise ship employees in 2011, it was found that busboys and bartenders earned from $1,500 to $3,000 per month; waiters and waitresses earned from $2,500 to $4,500 per month; and individuals working in retail jobs on ships earned from $1,800 to $3,100 per month. It should be noted that all these jobs come with free boarding and meals, so the actual salary is higher than stated here. Deck and Engine department jobs pay significantly higher than service jobs. Similarly, entertainment staff is usually on contract for a cruise, and earns higher than those working in service jobs.

When you want to work abroad, or work in summer jobs abroad, you can travel to go abroad in style while working in a cruise ship. For students, cruise ship jobs that do not require any skills are a preferred mode of earning some money, much like how some students earn money when they teach English abroad. However, working in cruise ships is much more adventurous, comparable to when you volunteer abroad.

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